This is an independent creative outlet for and by
Luke Nathan Hayes.

Based in Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia.

Building The Grand Narrative

Let’s get together digitally and in person to figure out fun paths to develop a Protopian reality for Humanity. The goal is to create designs that are attractive and inspire joyful responsible abundance. Towards that goal I have been recently working on a music album.

I look forward to connecting with you and narrating the future together. Use your preferred social link in the footer to connect with me.

I generated the lyrics with GPT-3 around about December 2022, then generated the song with in February 2024, and completed the video in Canva. This will soon be a complete demo album. My intention is to then learn the song to perform them myself.

If you wish to support my journey, please consider making a donation via PayPal to me.

Creating a Presence

The internet is vast and I aim to fill it with good ideas and work with you to make a significant #GAJRAearth global digital presence. A presence that conveys an Aura of Intelligence through the lens of Joyful Responsible Abundance. Really think for a while about the meaning of Joyful Responsible Abundance.

As the world get’s back on track after the COVID-19 Pandemic we will all be more grateful for each moment of joy we encounter or create. Over the next 5 years I hope to participate in many acts of joy around the world.

Working Together

The concept of Quarantine Hotels is here to stay, but it can be hard to customize new or old buildings for infectious disease quarantine. Through collaborative design arising from rapid prototyping, we will co-create the best pre-fabricated quarantine hotels in the world to keep your city flourishing.

Furthermore, I ask for your time and resources to build innovation capsule hotels that will help us all to harness the healthy and motivated citizens to design all our regions to thrive through the existential threats of the Earth Catastrophe Cycle, the next Solar Maximum and myriad others.

An Aura of Intelligence

Modern computers with the internet and machine learning have now made it possible to create high definition versions of the etheric idea of Aura’s. One day, the digital coming of age ceremony for a spiritual human being will be acting a specific sequence of events, creating accurate data sets of the who, what, where, when, why and how of an intelligent digital self.

Aura of Intelligence is an ongoing art project by Luke Nathan Hayes that began as Aura OZ the Aura Operating Zeitgeist and has morphed towards a virtual spatial computational architecture for extended reality. Luke is very certain that it is possible to create true digital consciousness.

Responsible Civilisation

Every civilisation in the history of Earth has fallen. Humans only exist on Earth because of extinction level events. The next extinction level cycle of events is approaching, however its precise time is hard to pinpoint. Technology, science and science fiction narratives offer hope.

A responsible civilisation approaching the next turbulent period of the Earth Catastrophe Cycle would, in preparation for the oceans washing over the surface and a subsequent ice age, clear toxic waste off the surface, minimize its surface footprint, maximize its underground presence and also settle other worlds with surfaces that are not predominantly liquid.

53 Domains in the Grand Narrative

These 53 domains are owned by Luke Nathan Hayes and are all components of a Grand Narrative in his Mindseye of a Future that Humanity could choose.

More information will gradually be revealed on and also through the websites listed below. List will be updated from time to time.

New addition to the domain list

As part of the Grand Narrative from Luke Nathan Hayes’s Mindseye these Domains have been purchased by Luke. Estimated value is automatically generated by Godaddy and is based on an algorithm utilizing data GoDaddy has available to it to help estimate predicted sale price of domains. This is not intended as a solicitation or intent to sell any domain. All domains and hosting cost < $1000 AUD/year.

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